Publications dans des revues internationales

Publications de Vincent Laganier dans des revues internationales en anglais et français

Publications de Vincent Laganier dans des revues internationales en anglais et français.


International magazine for architectural, retail and commercial lighting

François Migeon Interview

Lighting designer, 8’18’’, Paris, France

N°56, August/September 2010, page 32-36.

Agbar tower, Barcelona

Architect: Jean Nouvel, Light artist: Yann Kersalé

N° 31, June/July 2006, page 28-32.

Arctura water tank, Östersung, Sweden

Architect: Hans Aldefelt, Lighting designer: Stefan Wiktorsson

N° 31, June/July 2006, page 34-38.

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Event lighting for the European day

N° 31, June/July 2006, page 40-41.

A tale of two cities, Lyon-Glasgow

Fête des Lumières in Lyon by Vincent Laganier ; Radiance in Glasgow by Paul James

N°29, February/March 2006, page 52-62.

Lyon: ville lumière

City regeneration by night since 1989

N°23, February/March 2005, page 28-34.

Lighting design: Tour de France

Designer profile of the best French architectural lighting artists

N° 22, December/January 2004/05, page 40-46.

PLD, Professional Lighting Design

Place Aristide Briand, Valence, France

Project presentation,

N°58, November/December 2007, page 30-31.

Blue techniques, the Pros and Cons

Some past practical examples of the various techniques available,

N°44, July 2005, page 36-43.

Effects of blue light

Interviews of three lighting designers: Yann Kersalé, Jonathan Speirs and Erik Selmer,

N°40, November 2004, page 30-35.

Artistic illumination of the « Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations » in Paris

American light artist James Turrell, Architect Christian Hauvette,

N° 35, January 2004, page 11.

Art Director for Lighting

Interviews of six lighting professionals towards a new discipline,

Vincent Valère, Josy Bibes Froment, Roger Narboni,

Jean-François Arnaud, Nathalie Gouraud and Tracy Eck,

N° 33, Octobre 2003, page 32-39.

From temporary to permanent lighting installations

Fête des Lumières 1999-2001, Lyon,

Special N° ELDA+Workshops, December 2002, page 42-49.

Luminous, international lighting magazine

Design Innovations

Dossier, introduction, N°9, mai 2012, page 3.

Composing with LED lighting

Dossier, introduction, N°8, novembre 2011, page 3.

Customized solutions

Dossier, introduction, N°7, mai 2011, page 3.

Organic light

Dossier, introduction, N°6, janvier 2011, page 24-25.

Light, health and well being

Dossier, introduction, N°5, juillet 2010, page 22-23.

Passion towards light in architecture

Dossier, introduction, N°4, décembre 2009, page 24-25.

Sustainability is it only performance?

Dossier, introduction, N° 3, juillet 2009, page 18-19.

Creating spaces for people

Dossier, introduction, N° 2, janvier 2009, page 22-23.

Grid stifles imagination?

Dossier, introduction, N° 1, juin 2008, page 18-19.

ILR, International Lighting Review

Auberge de I’ll, Illhaeusern, France

Restaurant beautifully refurbished by Patrick Jouin with LED,

N° 2007 Yearbook, page 60-63.

New contemporary building in OLAC, France

Scale one LED demonstration from Philips Lighting,

N° 2005 Yearbook, page 6-7.

Vasagatan, Stockholm, Sweden

Point top light on the main street, N° 2005, page 52-55.

Aristide Briand Square, Valence, France

Lanscape’ development concept enhances by image lights,

N° 2004 Yearbook , page 26-27.

LED wall of light

New lighting concept for architecture based on high-power LED,

N° 2004 Yearbook, page 72-74.

Toward improving the lighted environment

Problems in contemporary lighting, outline of possible solutions,

N° 003, février 2001, page 12-18.

A fairy-tale of light, Monaco

Place du Casino, Monte Carlo,

N° 001, mai 2000, page 20-23.

Outdoor museum of light, Grenoble

Isère river bank with image artistic light,

N° 001, mai 2000, page 18-19.

1 m2 of landscape

Interactive exhibition lighting,

N°972, juin 1997, page 44.

LICHT, planung, design, technick, handel

Auf der Suche nach einem Lichterfest

Front cover and article, Festival Lyon Lumières, 7-10 décembre 2000,

N°3/2001, mai 2001, page 122-127.

Protée, revue de sémiotique

L’image lumière nocturne

Dossier photographique, Vol. 31, N° 3, décembre 2003.

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