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Professional lighting lexicon, by Sophie Caclin

How to talk about lighting in English and French? This lexicon contains translations of terms used by lighting professionals.

Quickly find the right word in English / French in the Professional lighting lexicon. Architecture, town-planning, lighting design, technology, design, production, marketing, sales and the environment. The lexicon lists all of the words and expressions used by professionals. The lighting project is reviewed: lights, materials used, systems and components, implementation and management of installations. From permanent to event, an overview of all types of lighting is provided.

1,400 words about light and project

To make it easier to find words, the book is designed as a bilingual glossary. Words are entered in alphabetical order, in French and English. Thanks to a thematic index on the vocabulary, it highlights the variety of trades and professions in the lighting sector and their specific vocabulary. The book is pocket sized to allow easy everyday access to the right translation.

Discover new words and expressions

This two-in-one practical guide is intended for all English and French speaking professionals throughout the world : Architects, lighting designers, manufacturers, installers, public and private contracting authorities. Lets get fast the Professional lighting lexicon.

Author: Sophie Caclin

Sophie Caclin, author: Professional lighting lexicon

Freelance consultant, Orpin de Lune agency, Sophie Caclin supports public and private entities in their projects linked to the areas of lighting for buildings and public spaces. She has considerable experience in marketing, communication, project management, training and editing for the Light ZOOM Lumière web portal, making her an experienced professional with a recognised multi-disciplinary approach.

Press review

« For all those who are planning to brush up their language skills before PLDC 2017 in Paris, the French-English lexicon compiled by Sophie Caclin is a great start… »

Joachim Ritter, Professional Lighting Design Convention

« Light related words are not easy to translate in French and also when it comes to English language from French terms. So just how do you talk about lighting in English and France? »

Paul James, Mondo*arc

« A new books provides French to English translation for lighting terminology. Ever wonder how English lighting vocabulary translates into French? »

Elisabeth Donoff, architectural Lighting Magazine

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