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Light in the City – A Vector of Social Cohesion?

With the support of UNESCO, Zorica Matic is publishing the first book of the International Day of Light: Light in the City, A Vector of Social Cohesion?
10 avril 2019

Light in the City – A Vector of Social Cohesion?

Each culture is a door that opens onto the universal. Light is a uni­versal language. As a source of life, beauty, and wonder, it transcends all cultural particularism. It is a source of inspiration for artists, philoso­phers, and researchers, it has always been a factor of political, economic and social development, and nowadays its role is growing.

Light is also knowledge. A complex question in the history of sci­ence, the origin of many artistic revolutions, and finally the soil of all spirituality, it is modulated according to our education, our beliefs, and our origins. And since our similarity is based on our differences, it is precisely from the crossing of opposing forces that the social bond will be born.


  • John Dudley. Photonics PhD, Franche-Comté University. Chairman of the International Year of Light 2015 Steering Committee.
  • Luc Gwiazdzinski. Geographer, Grenoble-Alpes University. Director of the Master of Innovation of Territoiries.
  • Zorica Matic. Artist and researcher in the culture of light. Founding President of the Association Les Idées Lumières.
  • Eric Michel. Multimedia visual artist.
  • Maciej Nalecz. Director and Executive Secretary of the International Basic Sci­ences Programme, UNESCO.
  • Roger Narboni. Lighting designer, Concepto. Visual artist and electronic engineer by training.
  • Pauline Robert. Architect. Project manager for public lighting, Plaine Commune-Grand Paris urban community.
  • Costel Subran, Sciences PhD. President and CEO, Opton Laser International.
  • Darko Tanaskovic. Orientalist. Doctor of Letters and Professor of the Faculty of Arts, University of Belgrade.
  • Yann Toma. Artist and The lifelong presi­dent of the company Ouest-Lumière.


Architects, urban planners, lighting designers, artists, city authorities, manufactures, laboratories and students.

Content table


  • Darko Tanaskovic, Light, between physics and metaphysics


  • Zorica Matic, Light as a universal language

I. International Year of Light

  • Maciej Nalecz, Light as a factor of social progress
  • John Dudley, Impressions on the celebrations of 2015, The International Year of Light
  • Costel Subran, The Year of Light and The Lighting Year

II. Light and Arts

  • Éric Michel, The light passer
  • Yann Toma, Human Energy. Art as energy exchanged by light

III. Lights in the City

  • Pauline Robert, Light in research and urban projects
  • Roger Narboni, Showing the invisible. The Birth of lighting design
  • Luc Gwiazdzinski, Night is a common good that withstands light

Exchange with the public


Book description

  • Publisher: Les Idées Lumières
  • Pages: 96
  • Price: 9 €
  • ISBN: 978-2-9564389-2-2
  • Published: May 2018
  • Dimension: 206 x 146 x 6
  • Distributor: Light ZOOM Lumière
  • Original title: Lumière dans la Cité, vecteur de cohésion sociale?
  • Translated from French by Isabelle Arnaud.
  • Edited in french, serbo-croatien and english


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International Day of Light

Lumière dans la Cité, vecteur de cohésion sociale ? The goal of this symposium was twofold:  to contribute to the celebration of the 2015 International Year of Light, as a manifesto for the culture of light, and to launch an initiative by proclaiming an International Day of light.

At UNESCO’s General Conference in November 2017, 16 May was declared International Day of Light. The date was chosen to commemorate the first laser emission, made in 1960 using a ruby crystal. The International Day of Light aims to draw the attention of citizens of all countries in the world to the role of light in science, medicine, communications, energy, culture, education, arts and sustainable development.

Article en Français

Artiste et chercheuse. Vise à mettre en exergue la dimension culturelle du sujet lumière et son impact dans le champ social dans une démarche holistique. Fondatrice de l’association, Les Idées Lumières. À l'initiative de la création de la Journée Internationale de la Lumière et coordinatrice de ses activités en Serbie. Éditrice de l’ouvrage, Lumière dans la Cité, vecteur de cohésion sociale ? Publication avec le soutien de l’Unesco en trois langues.
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