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Call for ideas, International Year of Light 2015, L-RO

L- RO represents a broad community of professionals who work in the world of light and lighting in the built environment.
21 juillet 2014

Lighting-Related Organizations (L-RO) represent a broad global professional community of people who work with light and lighting in the built environment. In particular, the representatives of:

  • 30 associations,
  • collectives,
  • universities,
  • events,
  • media,

from 20 countries formed L-RO in April 2014 with the keen interest in the public recognition of lighting design and education, that is embodied in the United Nations -International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies 2015 (IYL2015).

Soutenir le « droit à la lumière » – Photo : Alvaro Valdecantos © pour le concours

Towards a new strategy

L-RO look forward to organizing IYL2015 related activities with our respective organizations and in our respective areas of expertise and location, to raise awareness for our profession and showcase the importance and beauty of light. Each organization included in L-RO is pleased to invite their members to participate in a new strategy to promote, present and celebrate the lighting design profession and education. In order to take a strong and concrete step forward to create a dynamic movement, L-RO wish to Call for Ideas for events to frame the general concept of the IYL2015.

Call for ideas objectives

The aim of this Call is to generate a collective programme of activities and initiatives between the L-RO and have a larger and more impactful movement towards achieving our goal:

  • Raising awareness for Lighting Design.
  • Support the “Right to Light”.

L-RO commitments

  • Co-ordinate all events in a general Activities Program.
  • Ensure the quality and message of the ideas is coherent and consistent globally.
  • Support the individual event by finding a co-organizer.
  • getting in touch with partners for a tour in different countries.

This is not an open call, but people outside of L-RO that wish to present an idea, can contact their relative organization, to ask them to be included in L-RO. In the case that such organization doesn’t exist locally, applicants could become individual members of L-RO. By participating in the Call for Ideas, Lighting-Related People will join their voices to show how lighting design is fundamental, how our profession can enhance the everyday life, how to be enlightened!

Sensibilisation pour la conception lumière ! Avant et après… Photo : James Newton - Essex Street Steps - DW Windsor
Sensibilisation pour la conception lumière ! Avant et après… Photo : James Newton – Essex Street Steps – DW Windsor

The IYL2015 is a big occasion for the recognition and the strategic value of Lighting Design and Education. L-RO need the commitment of the professionals, individuals or groups, who will increase the participation and contribute with their events. Let’s #LightUp2015!

Let the Lighting Designers, Educators and students have a Year of Light!

All the ideas included in the official General Activities Programme by L-RO will have international spread, through the members of L-RO, will be given privileged publication opportunities in the press and general media coverage from all over the world.

  • More information at
  • Entries period: 07 July – 24 August 2014
  • Twitter: #L-RO #IYL2015 #LightUp2015

Chiara Carucci, Lighting-Related Organizations, coordinator for IYL2015

Founders of L-RO: Lighting-Related Organizations

  • ACE -Association Concepteurs lumières et Éclairagistes
Association / France
  • A-PDI -Asociación Profesional de Diseñadores de Iluminación
Association / Spain
  • APIL -Associazione Professionisti dell’Illuminazione
Association / Italy
  • AsBAI -Associação Brasileira dos Arquitetos de Iluminação
Association / Brazil
  • ASDluz -Asociación de diseñadores de iluminación Colombia
Association / Colombia
  • CPI -Centro Português de Iluminação
Association / Portugal
  • Concepteurs Lumiere sans frontieres
Association / International
  • Dansk Center for Lys
Association / Denmark
  • Disenadores Iluminación Asociados
Association / Chile
  • IALD -International Association of Lighting Designers
Association / International
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand
Association / International
  • Illuminating Engineering Society of North America
Association / International
  • ILP -Institution of Lighting Professionals
Association / United Kingdom
  • Inter Light Forum
Association / Japan
  • Ljuskultur
Association / Sweden
  • Lyskultur
Association / Norway
  • Society of Light and Lighting
Association / International
  • KTH ABE, Architecture and Built Environment
University / Sweden
  • Parsons The New School for Design
University / United States
  • Beforelight
Professional network / Greece
  • GrupoFARO
Professional network / Argentina
  • Italian Lighting Designers
Professional network / Italy
  • Lupercales
Professional network / Spain
  • Social Light Movement
Professional network / Europe
  • EILD -Encuentro Iberoamericano de Lighting Design
Event / International
  • Noche zero
Event / International
  • Light ZOOM Lumière
Media / France
  • Illumni
Media / International
  • Lightecture
Media / International
  • Luxemozione
Media / Italy
  • Megaluz
Media / Argentina


Conceptrice lumière italienne indépendante, Chiara Carucci travaille depuis 2014 pour le patrimoine et les plans d’aménagement lumière. Elle a fondé la plate-forme Passoluce en 2009, qui a fusionné avec Italian Lighting Designers en 2014. Coordinatrice de L-RO : Lighting-Related Organizations, elle est aussi co-auteure du livre Luce nelle Chiese, de l’AIDI, publié par Ediplan. Elle a réalisé l’enquête Shine a Light sur Lighting Design.
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