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How to say lighting in French?

French translation in the lighting industry. Easy to find with the Professional lighting lexicon. How to say lighting in French? Watch the video.

How to say lighting in French? Easy to find with the Professional lighting lexicon. Watch the video.

How to say lighting in French?

  • 1,400 words about light and project
  • Translation of the vocabulary used in lighting
  • Bilingual: French and English
  • 160 pages black and white

English review

Architectural Lighting Magazine

Elizabeth Donoff, editor in chief, Architectural Lighting Magazine, « Parlez-vous Éclairage? », July 2016:

« A new books provides French to English translation for lighting terminology. Ever wonder how English lighting vocabulary translates into French? »

Cities & Lighting 

Mark Burton-Page, editor in chief, Cities & Lighting, « French – English Lighting Lexicon », August 2016:

« The new Professional Lighting lexicon by Sophie Caclin is a bilangual glossary that list 1400 words and expressions used by lighting professionals. »


Joachim Ritter, editor, PLD, »Professional Lighting Lexicon by Sophie Caclin »

« For all those who are planning to brush up their language skills before PLDC 2017 in Paris, the French-English lexicon compiled by Sophie Caclin is a great start. »


Architects, lighting designers, manufacturers, installers, public and private contracting authorities. This two-in-one practical guide is intended for all English and French speaking professionals throughout the world.

Shipping anywhere in the world

16,00 €

11,99 €

Exclusive partner: LEC. With support of: ACE, Cluster Lumière and LUCI.


  • Lighting Industry Association - LIA
  • Telford, Royaume-Uni

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