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Mindseye Lighting Design puts the sparkle back into Bermondsey

Une mise en lumière très graphique de l'agence Mindseye Lighting Design dans le hall d'accueil d'un immeuble d'appartements à Londres.
par Emmanuel May27 octobre 2008


Mindseye Lighting Design, en partenariat avec le bureau d’architectes Munkenbeck & Marshall a récemment terminé la mise en lumière d’un hall d’entrée d’un nouvel immeuble d’appartements rénové dans le cadre du développement du quartier Bermondsey Square à Londres.

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Mindseye Lighting Design have recently completed an exciting new project working with Munkenbeck & Marshall Architects to design the lighting for the reception area of a new apartment development in Bermondsey Square, London.

Mindseye: lighting consultants of choice to the most innovative and forward thinking architects and designers. A group of highly creative people who have a passion for the integration of light and architecture. Founded by Douglas James in 1997, there is a wealth of experience and talent within the team.


Mindseye Lighting Design were approached by Munkenbeck and Marshall Architects to design the lighting for the residential reception area of an apartment block within the Bermondsey Square £60 million regeneration project. The project is now complete; boasting 76 outstanding residential apartments, new office and retail units, an art-house cinema, a boutique hotel, restaurants and bars, all based around a communal square. The site was once an ancient monument, and in later years a depressed 19th century housing estate. More recently it has been the site of the famous Bermondsey antiques market, which has a royal charter and is actually called the ‘New Caledonian Market’. It has been on the site since 1960’s having moved here from Islington.


When briefed, Mindseye quickly realized that illuminating the space would be a challenge. The budget was restrictive and the space is relatively complex, having a split level design with double and triple height ceilings and timber clad walls. What’s more, there’s barely a right angle in sight. Due to these challenges, instead of accentuating or treating surfaces and details, we took a different approach, the idea being to use the visual language of the linear cladding and integrate bespoke fluorescent luminaires with acrylic diffusers. No luminaire on the market was suitable to be integrated into the cladding, so we took the challenge and designed a bespoke luminaire. Their lengths and positioning were carefully considered in order to work with the space, sensitively enhancing the dramatic aesthetic. The result is pleasing; simple yet effective, providing the required lux levels with an innovative, integrated approach.


This London redevelopment is supported by the London Borough of Southwark and the developer’s, Igloo Regeneration are the world’s first socially responsible property investor, as stated by the UN. Mindseye were therefore privileged to be involved in such a vast and ethically sympathetic project which supported their own environmental awareness ethos.

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  • Bermondsey Square
  • Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN Londres, Grande Bretagne

Équipe du projet

Maîtrise d'ouvrage Urban Catalyst
Architecte Munkenbeck & Marshall
Concepteur lumière Mindseye Lighting Design


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