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Lighting spaces, de Roger Yee

Un livre pour tous ceux qui cherchent des solutions innovantes et imaginatives à leurs problèmes d'éclairage architectural. Lighting spaces, de Roger Yee.
par Emmanuel May8 août 2007
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Je viens de découvrir ce livre, Lighting spaces, de Roger Yee. Je reprends la description Amazon US pour l’instant. Quand je l’aurai ramené de mon séjour New-Yorkais, j’aurai un avis, mais ça sent déjà le bon livre… 😉

Lighting is an integral component of interior design and architecture. The keys to creating exceptional luminous environments is revealed in Lighting Spaces. Thirty of the world’s top lighting designers and consultants showcase their finest accomplishments in this volume.

The selected examples illustrate how high quality, thoughtful design can be the visual cornerstone of a successful project. In over 500 beautifully-reproduced photographs you will see how light can establish moods and manipulate attitudes, reinforce feelings and heighten excitement.

A full range of high quality, inventive and brilliant lighting design projects are shown including hotels, restaurants, retail, corporate, public, residential, exteriors, houses of worship, performing arts and entertainment facilities, museums, landscape. . . and so much more. Lighting Spaces is a « must-have » title for anyone seeking innovative and imaginative solutions to their architectural lighting problems.


Roger Yee, an architecture graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, has received honors for his work in the field from such organizations as the AIA, The American Society of Interior Designers and the Association of Business Publishers.

He has been editor-in-chief of three design magazines, Corporate Design & Realty, Unique Homes, and Contract Design. In the latter capacity, he created InterPlan, the New York interior design exposition held each autumn since 1994.

Most recently, he is the author of Healthcare Spaces No. 3, Educational Environments No. 3, Lighting Spaces and Hotel & Restaurant Design No. 2.


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Auteur Roger Yee
Titre Lighting Spaces
ISBN 978-1584711162
Éditeur Collins Design
Pays d'édition États-Unis
Date de publication Octobre 2007

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