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Obscura Digital and YouTube mapping Guggenheim Museum in New York

On October 21st, YouTube, Obscura Digital and the Guggenheim Museum showcased the world’s most creative online videos at the YouTube/Play Awards Show.
13 décembre 2013

Obscura Digital and YouTube mapping Guggenheim, New York, US.

« This event was the grand finale to a worldwide competition with over 23,000 submissions from participants who uploaded their videos to the YouTube/Play contest site.

The Winning 25 videos were introduced during the YouTube/Play event at the Guggenheim, for which Obscura provided larger than life, projected versions, precisely mapped to the modern interior spiral of the Guggenheim Museum. This 360-degree projection surface was the most complex calibration project Obscura has produced to date ».

Obscura Digital

« Eight 20K lumen projectors were used to fully immerse the interior museum surface, and a real-time 3D and video playback system was employed to trigger and alter media throughout the live event. Live performances were also featured with Obscura’s synchronized audio visualizations to complement the intense energy.

For three nights surrounding the October 21 award show, Obscura also projected on the exterior of the Guggenheim Museum to give passers-by the opportunity to see the winning YouTube/Play videos. Obscura used two 35K lumen projectors to cover the iconic spiral museum façade to create a seamless – and massively unique – video projection canvas ».

Obscura Digital



Artists : Obscura Digital, San Francisco, New York, Stockhom
Sources : magazine Lightecture in Espagnol

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